Terms and conditions

Pirms pasūtījuma veikšanas izlasiet kopīgos un Jūsu izvēlētās(-o) atrakcijas(-u)
noteikumus, lai uzzinātu saistošo informāciju un pilnvērtīgi sagatavotos nomai.
Kad veicat pasūtījumu, ir jāapstiprina, ka esat iepazinies ar šiem noteikumiem.

General rules for cooperation

Common rules for the hire, payment, delivery, installation and use of inflatables, rides, equipment and decorations.

They apply to the hire and use of all atractions and equipment.

Rules for the rental, installation and use of inflatable attractions

In addition to the general rules of cooperation, these rules apply directly to the rental and use of inflatable attractions.

Additional rules for certain inflatable attractions

If the attraction of your choice is not listed, the general terms and conditions and the inflatable attractions rental terms apply.

Rules for the rental, delivery, installation and use of carousels

When you rent a carousel, in addition to the general rules of cooperation, specific rules apply to its delivery, installation and use.

Rules for the rental and use of go-karts

When you rent go-karts, in addition to the general terms of cooperation, specific rules apply for their delivery, installation and use.

Relay and competition equipment

When you rent relay and competition equipment ("Big Sneakers", "Caterpillar", "Big Skis", "Pants", "Bottles", "Skirts", "Crazy Feet", wrestling costumes), additional rules apply in addition to the general terms of cooperation.

Inflatable arch rental rules

In addition to the general rules on cooperation, there are specific rules on renting inflatable arches.

Rules for the hire of equipment and decorations

In addition to the general rules of cooperation, there are rules for the rental of equipment and decorations.

Rules for the rental of fairground stands

Terms and conditions for the hire and use of the Interactive Shooting Range

When you rent the Interactive Shooting Range, additional terms and conditions apply in addition to the general terms and conditions and the terms for renting the Inflatable Arches.

Terms and conditions

Our team will be happy to provide attractions for your event.

Before placing your order, please read the general rules and the rules of the attraction(s) of your choice to find out the binding information and fully prepare yourself for the rental.

When you place an order, you must confirm that you have read these terms and conditions.

1. General rules

1. 1. Rental, transport and installation costs
  • All prices include 21% VAT.
  • The rental price includes the installation and dismantling of the attraction.
  • If the order amount exceeds EUR 105.00, delivery within Riga is included in the price.
  • For orders up to EUR 105.00, delivery costs are EUR 0.90 per kilometre round trip. Starting point is 42B Ulbrokas Street, Riga. For orders over EUR 105.00, delivery outside Riga is EUR 0.90 per kilometre round trip, starting from the Riga border.
  • Please note that if your order needs to be delivered by more than one vehicle (e.g. if you order multiple carousels or a large number of employees), delivery charges will be calculated for each vehicle.
  • The rental price does not include staff (except for carousels and certain equipment that cannot be operated without staff). If the customer chooses not to use ANNELS staff, the supervisors must be provided by the customer.
  • The cost per ANNELS employee is EUR 130.00 for a period of up to 8 hours. For longer rental periods and night hours (22.00-6.00) an additional fee may be charged for the corresponding number of hours.
  • If the attraction is to be placed indoors or in other locations where access is difficult (steps, etc.), or if it is to be placed higher than the ground floor, the customer will pay a surcharge of EUR 15.00-75.00 per floor or 20% of the order amount, depending on the weight and dimensions of the attraction.
  • In the event of untimely cancellation, the Customer shall pay a penalty of 25% of the total amount of the order. The term "untimely cancellation" means a period of less than one full working day before the delivery date of the relevant order, or 5 working days for carousels.
1. 2. Placing an order
  • To book an attraction, please fill in the application form on our website or contact our specialists.
  • If your chosen attraction is not available on a particular date, ask our specialists about the possibility of renting an alternative attraction that is available.
  • By completing the order form, you confirm that you are familiar with the general terms and conditions and the terms and conditions for the hire and use of the specific attraction.
  • You will receive a reservation confirmation by email or phone.
  • You may be contacted by a customer service representative to clarify any questions we may have about delivery, installation or other circumstances.
1. 3. Payment
  • If you choose to pay by bank transfer for the rental, staff, transport and other costs associated with your order, you will be sent an invoice which must be paid before the specified installation date.
  • If you choose to pay for your order by cash or credit card, this can be done at the time of delivery before the attractions are installed.
  • If the invoice is not paid on time, or if payment for the order is not received when the attraction is delivered (if you have chosen to pay by cash or credit card), the company has the right not to provide the relevant services.
  • The Customer must advise us of any access or installation obstructions at least 2 working days prior to the date of installation. We reserve the right not to install the attraction if the installation site is particularly difficult to access or if the customer has not paid the installation difficulty surcharge in accordance with the terms of the order.
1. 4. Installation and use of attractions, equipment and carousels
  • Rides and equipment rental time is up to 8 hours, carousel rental time is up to 6 hours.
  • Attractions are delivered, installed and dismantled between 8.00 and 22.00.
  • When ANNELS staff are hired, they supervise the technical operation of the attraction and regulate the flow of visitors (number of visitors at the same time, age, etc.). ANNELS staff are not babysitters!
  • Please note that if the attractions are used under the supervision of our staff, they will need to take breaks to use the facilities and eat: 30 minutes for events up to 4 hours, 2 × 30 minutes for events up to 8 hours.
  • Most attractions (inflatables, carousels, some sport and competition rides and equipment) require a continuous 220V or 380V power supply, depending on the attraction. Inadequate power supply or large fluctuations can cause overheating and damage to equipment. If such damage is caused by an inadequate power supply, the cost of repairing the damage will be borne by the customer.
  • Attractions must not be more than 40m from an electricity supply, unless a 3-phase 380V supply is available (prior notice required).
  • The attractions weigh between 50 and 500 kg (several tonnes for carousels) and are delivered to the customer's site by vehicles. The road to the installation site must therefore be easily passable by car, free of obstacles and no more than 2-3 metres from the installation site. If the distance is greater or there are obstacles in the way, we are entitled to charge an additional fee based on the complexity of the delivery and installation. Exceptions are small equipment and small sports attractions which are not so large and heavy.
  • Please note that some attractions may not be able to be delivered indoors due to steps, narrow doorways and other obstacles, or outdoors if the installation site is not directly accessible or is inadequately surfaced. In this case, if the attraction has been delivered but cannot be installed, ANNELS will not in any way compensate or refund the rental fee for the order.
  • The Customer is fully responsible for the safe and proper use of the attractions and equipment for their intended purpose. If the attraction or equipment is partially or totally damaged during the rental period through the fault of the Customer, the Customer shall pay the Company the full amount of the damage plus a penalty of 50% of the total amount of the order.
  • The client undertakes to return the hired attraction at the time and in the condition in which it was delivered.
  • ANNELS is responsible for the safe operation of the attraction, provided that it is used in accordance with the safety regulations and for its intended purpose.
  • ANNELS is not responsible for the weather. If ANNELS has delivered and rented the specified attraction or equipment to the customer and bad weather (rain, snow, thunderstorms, etc.) occurs during the rental period, which affects the operation of the attraction or equipment, ANNELS will not compensate for this in any way.

3. Additional rules for certain inflatable attractions

3. 1. Bungeerun Annelball

The attraction can be used by 2 persons at the same time.

The participants' task is to get as far away as possible and to stick their stick further into the centre of the attraction than their opponent.

See the attraction

When using bungees:

  • the competitor fixes himself to the end of the bungee in the space provided;

  • the challenge is to be stronger than your opponent and either drag yourself to a target pre-attached to the sticky side of the attraction, or attach the object to the sticky side as far away as possible;

  • it is strictly forbidden for visitors other than competitors to be in the attraction while it is in use.


  • be in the attraction while someone else is using it;

  • jumping (this attraction is not designed for jumping).

3.2. Interactive mountain

The attraction can be used by 2 persons at the same time.

In case of rain, it is compulsory to move the lights and the scoreboard of the attraction under the roof or indoors.

The attraction can also be used as a regular inflatable attraction without the interactive lights.

See the attraction

Starting the game:

  • to turn the game on, press and hold the power button for 1 second;

  • after starting the game, choose a game theme – there are 3 versions of the Interactive Mountain attraction, each game lasts 60 seconds;

  • players must take a starting position at the inflatable attraction, each on their own side of the attraction.

3 game versions

  • Game 1 (green button) “Light Hunter”.
    At the start of the game, each player chooses red or green. The red and green lights are lit in random order throughout the game. During the game, each player must hit as many targets of their colour as possible that are lit at the time. The player with the highest score wins.

  • Game 2 (red button) “Steal the light”.

    At the start of the game, each player chooses their colour – red or green. The red and green lights go on at the same time. The player’s task is to be faster than the opponent and to be the first to hit the target of his colour. A new pair of lights will then come on. The player who is the first to hit the target of their colour more often scores more points and wins.

  • Game 3 (blue button) “Back to Base”.

    At the start of the game, each team chooses a red or green “base” colour. During the relay, after pressing their colour light, the participants must return to base and press their “base” light.
    They can then press the game lights again.

  • To check the connection, press button A. Synchronised flashing means the connection is correct. If the connection is not correct, make sure that the transport case with the displayboard is within 10 m of the targets (lights).

  • To check the charge level, press button B. The charge level is shown on the display. Green means the charge level is 80-100%, blue 20-79% and red 1-19%. If the charge level is too low, the targets (lights) must be charged for at least 20 minutes. The attraction must be switched off during charging!