Frequently asked questions

FAQs on the rental of inflatable attractions, carousels,
sports equipment and amusement rides for children and adults:
prices, rules, etc.

Attraction rental

Attractions delivery

Installation of the attraction

Cancellation or change of date

Use of attractions

Attraction rental

Vēlos pasūtīt piepūšamo atrakciju, bet nezinu, kura būtu man piemērotākā. Vai varat ko ieteikt?

Jā, protams! Ar lielāko prieku! Mūsu speciālisti ieteiks Jums atrakcijas atbilstoši pasākuma tēmai, vecuma grupai un interesēm. Mēs palīdzēsim izvēlēties un izplānot lielisku pasākumu atbilstoši paredzētajam izklaides budžetam.

Do you offer better terms if more than one attraction is rented?

Absolutely! We have several special offers for both individuals and companies wishing to hire multiple attractions. See the Special Offers section.

Are your attractions safe?

Safety is our priority. Our attractions are made from high quality materials suitable for frequent use. ANNELS inflatables comply with the European standard EN 14960. In addition, we encourage all customers to read the safety instructions before using the attractions.

Can you ensure that supervisors are present during the use of the attractions?

Absolutely! Some of our attractions, such as the carousels, have staff included in the rental price. We can also provide supervisors for other attractions at an additional cost.

Can I rent attractions for more than one day?

Of course you can! All our attractions can be hired for multiple days. We also offer a 50% discount on the standard rental price for each additional day (excluding carousels). Find out more in the "Special Offers" section.

Attractions delivery

Can attractions be delivered to the upper floors of a building without a lift?

It is possible to supply and install certain attractions in such buildings. Please advise us in advance of any such circumstances. If the attraction is to be installed indoors or in other areas where access is difficult (steps, etc.) or if it is to be installed above the ground floor, the customer will pay a surcharge of € 15.00-75.00 per floor or 20% of the order amount depending on the weight and dimensions of the attraction. Please note, however, that depending on the width of the staircase, the size of the doors and other factors, this may not be possible even at an additional cost. In such cases, we can offer alternative attractions. We just need to know these facts in advance.

What complications can arise during the delivery of attractions?

Yes, complications can arise during delivery if our experts are not fully informed about the conditions and environment of the venue. For example, if the event is taking place in the garden of a private home with access through a narrow gate, but the attraction is too large. Similarly, difficulties may arise if the attraction needs to be transported to a location where vehicle access is not permitted. This can often be solved if you give our specialists enough notice, for example at least 2 working days before the event.

What time will you deliver the attraction?

Attractions are delivered, set up and dismantled between 8.00 and 22.00, usually about an hour before the event starts (or more if a carousel or multiple attractions are chosen, or less if small equipment is hired). However, we can certainly arrange other times for delivery, set-up and dismantling. Please note that there is an additional charge for set-up and dismantling before 08:00 and after 22:00.

Can I get the attraction and not use the delivery service?

Yes, it is possible! If you want to arrange the transport yourself, you can pick up the ordered attractions from our warehouse at 44a Ulbrokas Street, Riga. In this case, you will have to install the attraction yourself. Our specialists will provide you with installation instructions. Not all attractions can be installed by yourself, so we offer this option only for some of our attractions, such as small inflatables, ball pools, relay equipment, etc.

Do you deliver attractions and equipment all over Latvia?

Yes, and not only! We also deliver and install attractions for events in Lithuania and Estonia! For orders over € 105.00, delivery within Riga is included in the price of the attraction. Outside Riga, delivery costs € 0.90 per kilometre each way to and from the venue, starting from the Riga border. Installation is included in the rental price.

Please note that if your order requires delivery by more than one vehicle (e.g. if you order more than one carousel), delivery costs will be calculated for each vehicle.

Installation of the attraction

Can the attractions be installed anywhere?

The attractions can be installed on different types of surfaces: sand, pavement, grass, asphalt, indoors. However, please note that the surface must be level and the slope must not exceed 5%. Also, for safety reasons, inflatable attractions must be anchored, so the area where the attraction is placed must have a lawn, poles, trees, columns or similar objects to anchor the attraction. Sometimes it is possible to install attractions in sand and dirt, but this service is at an additional cost due to the additional labour and technical equipment required. Please contact us in advance if you are unsure about the possibility of installing an attraction in your chosen location due to the surface.

Are there any rules related to the location of the attraction?

Of course! Safety comes first with any attraction! That's why there are rules that regulate the installation of an attraction, such as:

  • a clear area must be left around the attraction, with absolutely no objects that could cause injury;
  • the attraction should be placed as far away as possible from hazards such as power lines and other risk conditions;
  • for safety reasons, inflatable attractions must be anchored, i.e. the location of the attraction must have a lawn, poles, trees, columns or similar objects to which the attraction can be anchored.

Read more in Terms and conditions.

How far away from the attraction does the power connection need to be?

Attractions must not be more than 40m from an electrical connection. If there is an electricity connection but it is more than 40m away from the attraction (3 phase 380V only), the customer will be charged an additional €14.50 for every 10m.

How long does it take to set up an attraction?

Depending on the size of the attraction, installation can take between 10 minutes and 2 hours. In order to accurately schedule the installation and start of your event, we invite you to contact our specialists in advance to coordinate the timing.

Is it possible to install an attraction in the yard of a private house?

Of course! Before hiring an attraction, please make sure that there is enough space in your private yard to set up and use the attraction safely, and that there is a power connection where the attraction is to be set up. If this is not possible, or if there is not enough electricity, please let us know well in advance. Also make sure that the attraction can be easily transported to the installation site, e.g. it does not need to be carried through the house. If in doubt, contact us well in advance.

I would like to install an attraction in a place where there is no electricity. Is this possible?

Of course! Together with our partner, we can also provide a rental generator to ensure the attraction runs efficiently in places where there is no electricity. Please let us know in advance if you need to hire a generator.

Cancellation or change of date

If it suddenly rains on the day of the attraction rental, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we cannot influence the weather. If you find out in advance that the weather will prevent you from using the attraction, you can cancel your reservation (at least one full working day before the rental time). If you cancel the night before or on the day of the event, we will withhold 25% of the total attraction rental price. However, if the attraction has already been delivered or set up at the venue, we will unfortunately not be able to refund the rental fee.

I want to cancel the rental of an attraction, what should I do?

Once you have decided to cancel your order, please contact us. Late cancellations (less than one full working day before the attraction is due to start) will be charged 25% of the total amount. If you wish to cancel your reservation, please do so well in advance!

I want to change the rental date of an attraction, what should I do?

Contact us as soon as you have decided to change the date of your hire. Our attractions are very busy. To increase the likelihood of your chosen attraction being available, please contact us in advance.

Use of attractions

Can the attractions be used in the rain?

The attractions can be used in light rain and wind, but for safety reasons they cannot be used in bad weather. Bad weather is defined as heavy rain, wind (from 10 m/s), thunderstorms, hail, snow, etc.

What should I do if the attraction is damaged during use?

As soon as damage is detected, please leave the attraction for safety reasons. If our specialists are on site, please inform them of the damage or call +371 28338871. Our specialists will help you determine the extent of the damage and give you instructions on how to proceed. Remember that the safety of visitors is paramount.

Are there any rules regulating the use of the attraction?

Yes, there are such rules, and anyone renting an attraction should familiarise themselves with them. Safety is our priority. See attraction rules.